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We contribute to global digital transformation for sustainable progress.

About Us

Alturki Ventures is the Venture Capital arm of Alturki Holding, a leading business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Strengthened by the vast resources and extensive network and reach of the holding, Alturki Ventures identifies, invests and actively engages with companies and funds that are working with frontier technologies to drive positive change. Alturki Ventures identifies opportunities that have synergy with the holding’s core businesses and through research into global trends and robust due diligence, builds a pipeline of high potential investment opportunities.

Our team of Venture Capital experts then accelerate growth by scaling business to new channels and customer segments.

Alturki Ventures’ growing portfolio in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, is comprised of companies that are changing the way we work and live across sectors such as Health tech, Logistics & Mobility tech, Education Tech, Fintech and Entertainment tech. They are empowering transformation in learning through AI and neuroscience, innovation in deep tech, digital health and synthetic biology, and applying machine learning to transfrom logistics, mobility & ecommerce for exceptional business and customer experiences. We are Empowering Transformation and building great businesses.


Alturki Ventures is empowering positive change in the way we work and live.

From the Middle East to Europe and the Americas, bringing AI and neuroscience in education, deep tech innovations in digital health and synthetic biology, and machine learning in logistics, mobility & ecommerce, we are driving sustainable progress and striving to create positive change in the world; one business at a time.

Fair & encouraging workplace that supports our employees.


The strong sense of family in our work environment combined with a value-based corporate culture has resulted in employees working with Alturki for an average of 10 years.

Search our company vacancies for the role that suits you best. We provide a fair & encouraging workplace that supports our employees to reach their full potential. We reward and recognize efforts and inspire our employees to embrace continuous learning, knowledge sharing and teamwork, because together we can achieve so much more. A strong respect for these same cultural norms guides the Group, its management and employees in the pursuit of excellence as we encounter the exacting challenges of tomorrow.

Explore opportunities and apply for the available and suitable vacancies.

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Sustainable growth through responsible investment.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. In line with Vision 2030 and supporting the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Alturki Ventures strives to achieve sustainable growth through responsible investment.

We adhere to the Alturki Holding Sustainability Integration Roadmap which aims to embed sustainable environmental, social and governance practices throughout our operations, and adopt good corporate governance in line with global best practices and our values in order to create sustainable value for stakeholders, improve compliance and risk management, and instill a culture of accountability and transparency. Our performance culture based on passion, excellence, reliability, fun, openness and respect drives the success of our sustainability agenda.

Head Office

Seef District, Block 436, Road 3622, Kingdom of Bahrain


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